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About Your Vision Writers

What Can Your Vision Writers do for you?

Your self-image is important. You can explain it and you feel warm inside when you talk about it. How do you get it from your head to paper? How can you actually see yourself fulfilling your dreams? That is what YVW can and will do for you. We are passionate about ensuring successful outcomes for our clients; we take a holistic and pragmatic approach to deliver results through the depth, breadth, and value of our consultants.

The Founder

The founder, Pamela Russell, is a business owner and walked where you are walking. She is proud to say she is not a business owner who is a Christian, she is a Christian who happens to own a business. Her values, goals and passions are shaped by that distinction. She started over 15 years ago and has experience that will help you avoid the mistakes she made.
She is the wife of Danny L. Russell Sr. and the mother of 4, Jessica, Danny II, Danielle and Gabriel. She has been married since Feb. 22, 1985.

Some of her accomplishments:

  • M. A. in Organizational Management*
  • * (Graduated Magna Cum Laude)
  • B. A. in Chemistry, w/minor in Philosophy**
  • **Graduated with honors and listed in Who's Who
  • Founded AGS Business and Administrative Services
  • Founded The Russell Consulting Group (now YVW)
  • Co-Founded Impact the Clay
  • Served as Director of Small Business Development
  • Published Author
  • Honorably Discharged as US Navy Lieutenant
  • Member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
  • Eastern Star


I invite you to learn as much as possible about who we are. I want you to be confident that we are the best possible choice for the kind of and personal support you need. We understand there are many reasons why you might choose a life coach, counselor or advisor, and I recognize that relevant expertise is only one factor in that choice.

The quality of your life is directly correlated to the quality of questions you ask yourself. We know how to ask the type of questions that will require you to dig deep. You will get the kind of answers that will elevate your consciousness. Additionally, we will work with you, over a set period, to support you in your desire to follow through on your commitments. This is a very important piece known as accountability which is built into the coaching process.
In doing personal strategic planning, just lilke in business, you want a return on your investment. You need to realize that the most essential and valuable thing that you have to bring to your life and to your work is your ability to think, to act and to get results. Your earning ability—which is a function of your education, knowledge, experience and talents—is your human capital, or your equity. And the way you develop your personal skills and use your earning ability will largely determine the quality and quantity of your rewards, both material and psychological, both tangible and intangible. We can help you create your plan and coach you to attaining it.
Top-level athletes, successful businesspeople and achievers in all fields set goals. Setting goals give you long-term vision and short-term motivation . It focuses the knowledge you acquire and helps you to organize your time and your resources so that you can make the most of your life. We are here to help.
Champion comes from the Latin word campionem for "gladiator, fighter." We don’t have to grab a sword, but we know a champion is also a person who fights for a cause. The fulfillment of your personal vision is the cause and we are your champion. We will be here until you meet your goals. We can’t make you, but we can help you protect or fight for what you are trying to accomplish in your life. No matter what, we are always on your side.


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